Weight Loss Goal Achievable with Green Coffee Beans Extract

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15 to 18 pounds weight reduction is quite simple and easy goal for everyone by using green coffee beans extract. Main thing in dieting process is change of eating lifestyle and adoption of effective exercises but nothing is required to change while using this extract and this research has amazed many medical experts and they have claimed on TV shows that along with weight reduction this extract is beneficial for many other health issues. In Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal clearly explained the research conducted on this product. According to the review of the research 16 volunteers helped to complete this research.

They all were victims of obesity and they tried this extract to become the part of this research. After 12 weeks all of them lost 18 pounds on average and they did not change their eating habits and also did not perform any sort of exercises to get rid from the obesity. Again this research was conducted in University of Scranton where results were same again. First time ever in the industry there is natural product which showed positive results. Source of this extract is unroasted coffee beans which are used to prepare the pure extract containing the saturated and concentrated acid namely chlorogenic acid. In normal coffee these beans are roasted to get the bitter taste and then caffeine and other ingredients are added but research showed that while roasting these green beans they lost their identity and acid present in them. It can be offered and used as normal drink but not for the purpose of losing weight.

Weight Loss With Green Coffee Beans

Working on chlorogenic acid was made in detail and researchers found that this element is solely responsible for increasing the metabolism in the body and it actively absorbs the fat from daily food intake. In routine it absorbs all fat from the food that is why your diet becomes fat free and already stored fat get burning due to increased metabolism. This extract is now available in form of pills and capsules and these pills offer different dosages. Authentic and reliable manufacturer are supplying this extract in the form of capsules offering dosage of 400 and 800 mg. According to nutritionists up to 800 mg dosage is effective because it produces enzyme in the body to increase the sugar level of the liver and if the subject is facing the problem of diabetes, it works equally.

In any dosage it is important that chlorogenic acid should be more than 45% in mixing. If you are using the dosage containing less than 45% of this acid then no results will be gained even after use of many weeks. So while purchasing the supplement user must ensure that it is offering 45% or more of chlorogenic acid. Other benefits associated with green coffee beans extract are normalization of blood pressure, appetite control and management of stress. Overall increase in metabolism ensures that user will lose fat and in future fat will not be stored.